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Professor Manu Ampim
Coordinator, Save Nubia Project

(Historian / Primary Researcher)
Director, Advancing The Research

ProfessorManuAmpimProfessor Manu Ampim is an historian and primary (first-hand) researcher specializing in African and African American history and culture. He earned a Masters of Arts degree in History & African American Studies from Morgan State University in 1989.

Teaching Career:

He has taught in the Department of History at Morgan State University (Baltimore, MD), and at San Francisco State University in the Department of Ethnic Studies. Also, Ampim has studied at Oxford University in England, and collaborated on a NASA-sponsored research project, which examined the ancient climate and migration patterns in Africa. Currently, Prof. Ampim teaches history at Contra Costa College (San Pablo, CA), and a Africana Studies/Study Abroad course at Merritt College in Oakland, CA. He also teaches a pioneering 7-Step Primary Research Methodology Course at Advancing The Research.


Prof. Ampim has written influential books and monographs, and also had several essays published in Egypt: Child of Africa (1994), edited by Ivan Van Sertima. Ampim’s most extensive set of essays is the seven-part critique on “The Vanishing Evidence of Classical African Civilizations.” His most influential work will be his long-awaited book, Modern Fraud (forthcoming), which is the documentation of the Ra-Hotep and Nofret statues as among the greatest forgeries in the history of ancient African archaeology.

Pioneering Field Research:

Professor Ampim has taken educational tours to North Africa and Central America. In addition, he conducted an extensive 13-country research tour to all of the major museums, institutes and libraries throughout America, Europe and Canada, which house ancient Egyptian, Nubian, and Kushite artifacts. Since the 1990s, he has completed various field research projects in Egypt, Nubia, Ethiopia, and the Sudan to continue his primary research at dozens of field sites to study ancient African social organization and spiritual culture, observe cultural retentions, document modern forgeries, and to record the vanishing evidence of classical African civilizations in the Nile Valley. His latest mission since 2011 has been to organize the Save Nubia Project to help preserve the archaeological sites of ancient Nubia and Kush in the Sudan, which are threatened by the proposed construction of several dams. Ampim’s body of work for more than 20 years has earned him the recognition as one of the leading authorities on ancient African culture and contributions to the world.


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